significant events in horn technique & teaching









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1680 beginning of Bohemian school of horn playing with Rolig & Sweda's first lessons on the hunting horn (F,16)

1717 early experimenting with hand stopping in Dresden as early as this year (H, 9)

1720s at the latest, use of hand horn technique (H1, 122-3)

1746 publication of The Compleat Tutor for the French horn by John Simpson (M-P, 76)

1750 by this year, clarino playing had almost ceased to exist (C1, 28)

1750s Hampel introduces hand-stopping technique (M-P, 20)

c.1755 2nd horn players were gradually adopting right hand technique (F, 126)

1756 2nd edition of The Compleat Tutor published by Peter Thompson (M-P, 76)

1764 earliest description of hand stopping in Valentin Roeser's Essai d'Instruction (B, 159)

1764 first mention of low-register factitious tones in a treatise: Roeser's Essai d'Instruction (H1, 125)

1784 Founding of the Ecole Royale de Chant  et de Declamation, a school which contributed much to the French school of horn playing (C2, 1)

1797 detailed description of hand-stopping appears in tutor by Othon Vandenbroek (H, 51)

1803 publication of Duvernoy's Methode pour le Cor (M-P, 96)

1807 publication of The Instrumental Assistant, vol II by Samuel Holyoke: early American tutor that includes instructions and music for horn (S2, 160-1)

1807 publication of Heinrich Domnich's Methode de Premier et de Second Cor (H, 52)

1807 Domnich credits Hampl with the discovery and development of hand stopping in his tutor (H, 10)

1810 publication of Joseph Frohlich's Hornschule (F, 179-80)

1811 Franz Joseph Frohlich publishes instruction book (H, 52)

1817-8  Blühmel develops the box valve (E3, 36)

1819 publication of Ezekial Goodale's The Instrumental Director, an early American tutor that includes info for horn (S2, 161)

1822 J.H. Göroldt's Hornschule published (H, 52)

1824 publication of Louis-François Dauprat's Methode de Cor Alto et Cor Basse (M-P, 97)

1828 publication of Traite pour le Cor a Pistons by Dauprat in Paris (S1, 7)

1829 Viennese bandmaster Andreas Nemetz's Hornschule published (H, 52)

1832 tutor by Jacqmin (H, 52)

1832 by this year, transposition was an accepted practice, judging by a discussion in the revised edition of Domnich's Methode (E, 6)

1832-3 Kopprasch 60 Etudes published (E6, 17)

1835 tutor by Mengel (H, 52)

1840 Charles Tully's Tutor for the French Horn (H, 28)

1840 Meifred's Methode pour le cor chromatique ou a pistons - first comprehensive valve horn tutor (E, 212)

1840 Kastner publishes a valve horn tutor (H, 52)

1842 Gallay appointed prof. @ Paris Conseratoire; subsequent publication of his tutor Méthode pour le Cor (M-P, 100)

1845 Guonod publishes a valve horn tutor (H, 52)

1845 Haumuller publishes a valve horn tutor (H, 52)

1845 Gallay publishes tutor (H, 52)

1849 publication of Meifred's 1840 tutor revised for 3-valve horn (E, 212)

1850 publication of etude book by J.R. Lewy, including exercises which use the valves as crook-changing devices (E3, 14)

1852 Urbin publishes a valve horn tutor: the first for the three-valved horn (C2, 123)

1855 Blanc publishes tutor (H, 52)

1863 valve-horn class at Paris Conservatoire discontinued (M-P, 6)

1865 H.Kling publishes Hornschule (M-P, 112)

1871 Mohr publishes tutor, significantly for the hand horn at this late date (H, 52)

1878 Lagard publishes tutor (H, 52)

1880 London publication of Grande Methode: combined content of Dauprat/Gallay/Meifred tutors (H, 22)

1880 pub. of  Oscar Franz's Grosse theoretisch-practische Waldhorn-Schule (E3, 23)

1881 publication of Kling's Twenty-five Studies and Preludes (E3, 20)

1897 valve-horn class at Paris Conservatoire reinstated (M-P, 6)

1903 valve horn becomes official inst. at Paris Conservatoire (H, 3)